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Research clearly shows that the rising social epidemics of gangsterism, juvenile delinquency, school violence, and drug abuse is caused by the breakdown of family and community support systems used to nurture healthy self-esteem in our youth. For the millions of children growing up in dysfunctional homes, school can represent a second chance, an opportunity to acquire a better sense of self, a better vision of life, greater interpersonal skills and intra-personal knowledge and awareness.

In order to fulfill our goals so as to address these problems and benefit the community at large, we need funding from sponsors. Funding will enable us to run youth development programmes where they are most needed in schools of the previously disadvantaged communities. Virtually all remediation programs designed to correct problem behaviors, whether in children or adults, must incorporate a long term and sustainability component.

Our society impacts all of our lives whether directly or indirectly. The dedication and aim of MensTrust Youth Development Programme is to make a positive difference to our nation so as to increase the quality of life for all individuals and communities. Thus by assisting us through sponsorship is an investment that will aspire to enhance the well-being of our South Africa.

You are offering MensTrust the opportunity to invest in finding solutions to our most persistent social problems. These efforts are supported through the generosity of people like you. Please make a donation today and make a difference.

Together we can make a difference in creating safer communities for our women and children by empowering our youth to become part of the solution.

Your donations will be gratefully appreciated, and will help us to extend our projects that provide education, training, mentorship, and support to men.

Many MensTrust projects are currently being sponsored by Western Cape Government, as part of a larger social development programme. Information on this partnership is available on the Partners page.

We are a non-profit organisation, registered in South Africa under the Organisations Act of 1997, with registration number IT419/2004. Please email Bryan Hansen to discuss any funding opportunities. Your support would be highly appreciated.