Fatherhood Photographic Exhibitions

In conjunction with the HSRC, we are proud to present a series of photographic exhibitions that showcase positive images of fatherhood in South Africa and around the world.

These photographic exhibitions present images of fatherhood seen through the lenses of professional photographers, students and children. Alongside these images are the words of children talking about fathers, and men talking about the way they see themselves.

These words and images speak of men who have broken away from the limiting stereotypes of male dominance and found fulfillment in caring roles – as guardians, companions, teachers, supporters, friends and guides.

These photographic exhibitions are part of the Fatherhood Project, a programme that is designed to support and encourage positive fatherhood roles and men's care and protection of children.

Please view our event calender to find venues, dates and times for these exhibitions

MensTrust has created its own series of images taken by photographer Dirk Visser who photographed men interacting with their children or siblings. All of these men were participants in the Heart of Men Campaign who attended a family day in Khayelitsha.

Please view our gallery of photographs from the Fatherhood Photographic Exhibition.