The City of Cape Town

Youth Development Programme

MensTrust mentoring programme developed for use in schools, is partly funded by:
The City of Cape TownSubstance Abuse Programme

National Peace Accord Trust (NPAT)

National Peace Accord Trust (NPAT) is a non-profit organisation focused entirely on healing and reconciliation in South Africa.

This means breaking the cycles of violence, trauma and despair experienced by many communities across the country and restoring functional and stable community life.

MensTrust received funding from NPAT to pilot the Hero's Journey in the Western Cape in 2009.

The Western Cape Government

The Heart of Men Campaign, our community development programme, is funded by the:
Western Cape Government.

The Human Sciences Research Council

In conjunction with the HSRC, we presented the Fatherhood Project Poster Exhibition at the Castle in Cape Town Fatherhood Photographic Exhibition.

For more information: FATHERHOOD Project

BRYANT Research Systems

Developing a Monitoring & Evaluation tool for MensTrust to collate data captured through a public survey of men and their attitudes towards intimate partner and domestic violence. Assisting in designing electronic questionnaires for future research.

BRYANT Research Systems.