8th Annual Gathering of Men

8 Nov 2008 - 14:00
14 Nov 2008 - 16:00

The 8th Annual Gathering of Men is scheduled for 8 - 14 November 2008. Register Now!

A residential gathering in nature that provides a safe and trusting environment for men, who wish to deepen their understanding of themselves, rediscover their dreams and awaken their purpose and passion.

A Journey

When a group of men come together with the agreement to take a journey deeper into themselves, it becomes safer to let down our armour. We can explore feelings not normally allowed to men like grief and joy. We can attend to healing the memories to do with our fathers, mothers and others, which have affected the way we relate in our present lives. We can learn to explore the causes of our anger and find power from a place of inner strength, rather than control of the world around us.


The purpose of the gathering is to provide a safe space for men to explore their identity, and recover their ability to feel and experience new ways of being a man in today's world. The gathering will assist you to:

  • Move beyond the limitations of male conditioning.
  • Improve the ability to express feelings and communication skills when relating to loved ones.
  • Strengthen your sense of boundary, purpose and direction in relationships.
  • Develop the ability to create deeper and more trusting relationships with men.
  • Enhance spontaneity, vitality and to celebrate being a man.
  • Help rediscover your dreams and awaken your purpose and passion.

The Conveners

Bryan Hansen and Massimo Ponzi together with Peter Geddes, Johan Bester and Paul Coetzee who form the core group of men to create the safe container for those participating in this event.

They utilise their collective life experience and knowledge of men’s work, personal growth and development work to create this empowering outdoor event for men. They have been involved in the unfolding of similar Wilderness Gatherings and weekend retreats in Southern Africa for the past 7 years.

Similar events have been hosted in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada over the past 15 years.

8 - 14 November 2008

This Gathering is being held over 7 days in the Groot Winterhoek Mountain Reserve.
The Gathering commences at 2pm on Saturday 8th Nov. Please arrive with plenty of time to set up your camp. It concludes at 4pm on Friday the 14th Nov.

We are encouraging men to spend the night of the 14th Nov at the venue, and not to rush back into their busy lives but to take the time to ground their experience before heading back home. A feast will be provided on Friday night for those who stay on.

More Information

If you require more information on this unique event, please contact Peter Geddes:
Phone: 021 685 3979
cell: 072 794 3870
email: pg@menstrust.org.za

We are also hosting several Preview Nights, which provides a chance for interested people to gain more information on what the workshop entails.

Photographs from previous Gatherings

Pictures of our venue, situated in the wilderness area of the Groot Winterhoek Reserve outside Porterville in the Western Cape. Please note that for privacy reasons, we do not show pictures of participants without their permission.

Gathering of Men 2005

Boys love to see some wildness in their fathers, to see their fathers dancing or carrying on. Some boys are so afraid they will become domesticated that they become savage, not wild.
– Robert Bly

The Gathering was an incredible awakening in my life. I experienced a warmth, companionship, and more than anything, help in moving forward with my own growth. I am only sorry that there was nothing like this earlier in my life and I encourage you to do it now if you want your life as a man to really get going.
– Previous Participant

The self made man is myth - we all need help of others to make and sustain change.

Alienation is one of the faces of modern masculinity. The cure is communication and community - a new sense of togetherness. By opening up to each other, we reduce the pressure of being alone and exiled.
–Maladoma Patrice Somẻ


Here is an article written by Helen Bamford on A Gathering of Men that appeared in the Cape Argus

Men gather to plumb the depths within!